Life as a Firefighter: From Mexico City to Houston

A woman with long brown hair wearing a denim jacket, standing on a city street at sunset.

“I’ve been a firefighter for the past eight years, working out of a station in Houston, Texas. I’m originally from Mexico City, and the move to the U.S. was a big change, but it’s been rewarding. I’ve got a degree in Fire Science and a passion for helping others, which led me to this career. Life as a firefighter is anything but predictable—our routines are irregular, with long shifts and unexpected calls. On my days off, I love spending time with my husband and our two kids. We often visit the local parks or have family picnics. Balancing work and family can be challenging, but it’s all about prioritizing. My mornings start early with a workout session to keep fit for the demands of the job. Breakfast is usually quick—maybe some chilaquiles if I have time, or just a protein shake. At the station, meals are communal and often hearty. One of my colleagues makes an amazing Texas chili, which has become a staple. We share stories, jokes, and sometimes even frustrations over these meals. My faith is important to me; I attend church when I can, and it provides me with a sense of peace and community. My goal is to eventually become a captain, leading my own team and mentoring new recruits. I’ve faced my share of challenges—language barriers, being a woman in a predominantly male field—but each obstacle has only made me stronger. I believe in continuous learning and self-improvement, which is why I’m always reading up on the latest firefighting techniques and safety protocols. I try to maintain a healthy diet, though I do indulge in my favorite Mexican dishes now and then. Nothing beats my mom’s homemade tamales; they remind me of home and family gatherings. One dish I particularly love is mole poblano—it’s rich, complex, and a perfect blend of spices. It’s a treat I look forward to when visiting family back in Mexico.”

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