Life on the Road: A Trucker’s Journey from City to City

A smiling truck driver with arms crossed stands in front of his white semi-truck on a sunny street.

“I’m on the road most days, right? It’s a rugged kind of life—long hours behind the wheel, different city every night. Some might call it lonely, but there’s a freedom to it that suits me just fine. My diet, well, it’s nothing fancy—truck stops aren’t exactly known for health food, so it’s burgers and fries more often than not. When I’m off the clock, I try to balance it out, maybe a salad here and there, or I’ll cook something up in my rig’s little kitchenette. It’s about finding what works, keeping your body fueled. I’ve been trying to work towards some personal goals too, like getting better at managing my time so I can spend more at home in Houston. My wife, she’s been supportive, helps keep things steady when I’m away. We’ve had our ups and downs, especially when work gets tough or the hours keep me away longer than expected. We’ve learned a lot through it all, like how important it is to communicate, really talk things through. It’s the small stuff that keeps you going, like her homemade chili waiting for me when I get back. That dish, man, it’s got a kick but it’s a taste of home. And the locals know me too; there’s this diner near Albuquerque where they serve the best pecan pie you’ve ever tasted. Becoming a regular somewhere, having those little interactions, it means more than you’d think out here on the open road. So yeah, life’s not just about the destination, it’s also about those roadside stops and the people you meet along the way. It’s tough but good, keeps you sharp.”

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