Sound Engineer’s Journey: From Berlin to LA’s Music Scene

Man with a slight smile standing on a city street at dusk, featuring tousled hair and wearing a denim jacket over a t-shirt.

“I’ve been a sound engineer for about ten years now. Originally from Berlin, I moved to Los Angeles five years ago for better career opportunities. I’m 38, single, and my work schedule is all over the place. Sometimes I’m in the studio for 12 hours straight, other times I’m at live events till late night. I love the creative side of my job, but it can be pretty draining. The constant pressure to deliver perfect sound mixes keeps me on my toes, and I’ve had my fair share of sleepless nights. My passion for music drives me, and I’m always looking to push the boundaries of what can be done with sound. My family back in Germany doesn’t really understand what I do, but they’re supportive. I try to call them once a week, usually on Sunday mornings when I’m having my breakfast – a simple bowl of muesli with fresh fruit. I’m not very religious, but I do believe in karma and try to live by the principle of doing good. My diet’s a mix of healthy and indulgent. I’ll have a green smoothie for breakfast, then maybe a burger and fries for lunch if I’m on the go. Dinner’s usually something light like a salad or sushi. I’ve been trying to cut down on coffee, switching to herbal teas instead. I enjoy exploring different cuisines; LA has so much to offer. I’m particularly fond of Mexican food. Tacos from the local food trucks are my weakness – especially the ones with al pastor. My friends joke that I can never say no to tacos. My goal is to eventually work on big-budget films, mixing sound for blockbuster movies. It’s a tough industry, and I’ve faced plenty of setbacks, but I’m determined. When I’m not working, I like hiking in the nearby hills or just relaxing with a good book. I’ve recently started learning Spanish; it’s slow going, but I enjoy the challenge. One of my favorite local dishes here is the Korean BBQ from a small joint downtown. The way they marinate the beef – it’s out of this world. It’s these little joys that keep me going amidst the chaos of my career.”

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