From Chennai to Melbourne: A Yoga Instructor’s Journey

A smiling woman with curly hair, wearing an orange hoodie and blue leggings, sitting cross-legged on a city street.

“Yoga has been my passion and profession for the past decade. I’m a 35-year-old female yoga instructor originally from Chennai, India, now living in Melbourne, Australia. Life here is a mix of serenity and challenges, balancing my classes with my personal practice. I started practicing yoga in my teens, influenced by my grandmother, who was an avid practitioner. After completing my education in Physical Education, I decided to make yoga my career, earning certifications and immersing myself in various styles like Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa. I moved to Melbourne five years ago, drawn by the multicultural vibe and the opportunity to teach at a renowned wellness center. My days start early with a sunrise yoga session at the beach, followed by teaching back-to-back classes. Despite the demanding schedule, I find joy in helping my students find their inner peace and physical well-being. I live a relatively simple life, focusing on a healthy, vegetarian diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, and traditional South Indian dishes like dosa and sambar. Being away from home, I sometimes indulge in a bit of nostalgia by cooking these meals, which connect me to my roots. Relationships have been tricky; the transitory nature of my students and my busy schedule have made it hard to maintain long-term connections, but I cherish the deep, albeit brief, bonds I form with my students. Spiritually, I follow a blend of Hindu practices and mindfulness techniques, believing in living in the moment and spreading positivity. My outlook on life is optimistic yet grounded, always striving to better myself and those around me. One of my favorite local dishes here in Melbourne is a hearty bowl of acai smoothie from a nearby café, which I often enjoy after a long day. It’s refreshing and energizing, perfect for someone always on the move.”

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