Balancing Life: Boxing Dreams in Madrid

Young man in a gray hoodie and red pants standing confidently on a city street.

“I’m a 26-year-old amateur boxer from Buenos Aires, currently living in Madrid. I came here a couple of years ago chasing better training opportunities and to compete in local boxing circuits. My days are pretty packed; I wake up early for a run, then head to the gym for training sessions that last a few hours. I balance my time between work and boxing, which can be exhausting, but it’s all part of the grind. I work at a local sports store, which helps me stay connected with the athletic community. I live alone in a small apartment, and it’s a simple life but it keeps me focused. My diet is mostly clean, lots of lean proteins, vegetables, and rice, but I do have a weakness for empanadas, which I grab from a nearby Argentinian bakery. They remind me of home and give me a little comfort on tough days. I’ve faced quite a few challenges, from injuries to tough losses in the ring, but each setback has made me stronger and more determined. My parents back in Buenos Aires are my biggest supporters; we video call every weekend. I’m not very religious, but I do believe in hard work and perseverance. I also coach kids at a community center, teaching them boxing basics and the importance of discipline. One of my favorite dishes here in Madrid is paella—there’s nothing like a hearty plate of paella to refuel after a long training session. It’s rich, flavorful, and has a good mix of protein and carbs, perfect for an athlete’s diet. Boxing is my passion, my outlet, and my way of staying grounded. The goal is to go pro one day, and every punch, every jab, and every round brings me closer to that dream.”

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