Sailing Through Life: A Yacht Tour Sailor’s Journey

A smiling man with close-cropped hair and a beard, wearing a light blue shirt, sitting on a dock with a yacht and city skyline in the background.

“I’ve worked as a yacht tour sailor for about seven years now. I’m 45, originally from Sydney, and currently based in Miami. I love the ocean, always have. Growing up near the coast, the sea has been a constant companion. My schedule is pretty erratic – sometimes I’m out on the water for days, other times I have a week off. It’s not a job for everyone, but it suits me. I’m not married, never found the right person, but I have a close-knit group of friends who are like family. We often get together on weekends when I’m not working. My diet is a mix of healthy and indulgent. When I’m on the yacht, I try to eat light – lots of fruits and salads because it’s easy to prepare and keeps me energized. But when I’m back on land, I love hitting up local diners. There’s this place near the marina that makes the best fish tacos. Fresh catch, straight from the ocean – nothing beats it. My day usually starts early, around 5 AM. I like to get a good stretch in and have a cup of strong black coffee before heading out. On the boat, it’s all about routine maintenance, checking the equipment, and making sure everything’s in top shape. It’s hard work but rewarding. My long-term goal is to eventually save enough to buy my own yacht and start my own tour company. I’ve had setbacks, like everyone – the biggest one being a storm that nearly capsized us a couple of years ago. It was a close call, but we made it through. It taught me a lot about resilience and the importance of being prepared for anything. I don’t follow a particular religion, but I do believe in respecting nature and the sea. It’s a powerful force and demands respect. My outlook on life is pretty simple – take things as they come and always be ready for the unexpected. One of my favorite dishes is a traditional Aussie meat pie. There’s this small bakery in Sydney that I always visit when I’m back home. It’s a taste of nostalgia that reminds me of simpler times.”

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