Life of a Cosmetic Chemist: Balancing Lab Work and Life

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“I often find myself caught between the precision of the lab and the chaos of real life. It’s a balancing act, you know? As a cosmetic chemist, my days are a mix of meticulous formulation and creative bursts—trying to discover the next big thing in skincare while navigating the ups and downs of life. Just last week, I was grappling with a particularly stubborn emulsion that wouldn’t stabilize, much like trying to balance my diet, which swings wildly from superfoods to, well, the not-so-super ones when deadlines loom. It’s not just about the chemicals and compounds; it’s about how these products will make someone feel more confident, more vibrant. That’s the reward, really. Outside the lab, I’m just another person trying to make sense of life’s trials, like anyone else. There’s this little café near the lab where I often go to clear my head. They serve this amazing pho—it’s my comfort food on those tough days. You’d think I’d tire of the complex flavors, but it’s like a puzzle, much like my work. And speaking of puzzles, my partner, Alex, they’re my sounding board for both the technical troubles and the recipe trials at home. We experiment with dishes from every place we visit, bringing a taste of our travels back into our kitchen. It’s our way of coping with the routine, by breaking it. Even on weekends, when I try to switch off, I find myself drawn to the farmer’s market, eyeing ingredients like a kid in a candy store. It’s all connected, you see—work, life, food, relationships. It shapes my days, fuels my creativity. And if you’re wondering what’s a must-try from my personal cookbook? It’s definitely the homemade kimchi. It’s not just fermented cabbage; it’s a labor of love, much like every formula I develop in the lab.”

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