From Lagos to Paris: A Culinary Explorer’s Journey

A woman in a patterned dress and hat smiles while standing outside a café with outdoor seating, embodying the spirit of a culinary explorer.

“I’m a 33-year-old culinary explorer from Lagos, now living in Paris. My love for food started early, growing up in a Nigerian household where meals were vibrant and full of flavor. After studying art history in university, I realized my real passion was in the culinary world. I didn’t want to be confined to a single cuisine, so I began traveling, absorbing different food cultures. Currently, I work as a freelance food critic and consultant, which lets me taste and explore without being tied to one kitchen. Paris is my playground now, with its endless array of patisseries and bistros. My mornings often start with a simple yet divine croissant from a local boulangerie, paired with a strong espresso. The afternoons are dedicated to meetings with chefs or writing my blog, where I share my food adventures. It’s not always easy; the freelance life is unpredictable, and sometimes I struggle with the instability. But the freedom and the food make it worth it. My partner, Jean, is a photographer who shares my love for culinary arts. We often collaborate on projects, combining my writing and his visuals. Evenings are our time to unwind, usually with a homemade meal. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with making jollof rice, infusing it with local French ingredients like fresh tomatoes and herbs. It’s a beautiful blend of my heritage and my current life in France. Balancing work and personal life can be a challenge, but it’s all about finding joy in the little things, like discovering a new cheese at the market or cooking a meal together at home. One dish that always brings me comfort is a hearty bowl of Nigerian egusi soup with pounded yam.”

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