From Marketing to Vegan Cooking: Join Lara in Buenos Aires

A woman with shoulder-length brown hair is standing on a busy street with outdoor cafés, exuding the charm of a home cook. She is wearing a light blue shirt and smiling at the camera. The street is lined with people and trees, creating a lively atmosphere.

“I’m Lara, 34 years old, living in Buenos Aires. I used to work in marketing but found my true passion in cooking after losing my job during the pandemic. Now, I’m a full-time home cook, experimenting with vegan recipes and sharing them on my blog. It’s a far cry from the corporate world, but I love the creativity it brings. My days are pretty unpredictable, starting early with a cup of mate to wake me up, followed by a trip to the local market to pick out the freshest produce. I’ve always been interested in plant-based diets, and Argentina, with its meat-heavy cuisine, provides a unique challenge to make vegan dishes that still resonate with our cultural flavors. I spend my afternoons testing recipes, like my favorite vegan empanadas stuffed with lentils and mushrooms. My partner, Diego, is incredibly supportive, even though he’s a carnivore at heart. He’s my taste tester, and his honest feedback helps me improve. My goal is to publish a cookbook someday, sharing how you can enjoy traditional Argentine dishes in a vegan way. Balancing this new career with personal life is tricky, especially since we’re thinking of starting a family. The kitchen is my sanctuary where I unwind and experiment. It’s not always perfect – there are failures, like the time my vegan asado was a disaster, but every mistake is a lesson. When I get a recipe right, it’s a feeling like no other. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with making vegan choripán, a classic street food. It’s made from seitan with a smoky paprika marinade, topped with chimichurri – Diego loves it, and that’s saying something! My favorite local dish has to be humita en chala, a creamy corn dish wrapped in corn husks, which I’ve managed to veganize beautifully. Cooking has become my therapy, my way of connecting with people, and hopefully, inspiring others to try a plant-based diet.”

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