From Jerusalem to Tel Aviv: A Photographer’s Journey

A man stands smiling on a narrow street lined with cafes and tables, with a few people walking in the background. He is wearing a denim jacket and a gray shirt, as if posing for a photographer capturing the vibrant street life.

“I’m Elia, 28-year-old photographer living in Tel Aviv. My days are a whirlwind of capturing moments and editing them into perfection. Photography has always been my passion since I was a kid playing with my dad’s old film camera. I studied fine arts in Jerusalem, which gave me a solid foundation and perspective on capturing the world. Currently, I work as a freelance photographer, juggling between wedding shoots, fashion photoshoots, and my favorite, street photography. It’s not always easy to balance the irregular hours and the constant hustle for new gigs, but the thrill of seeing my work appreciated keeps me going. My mornings usually start with a strong cup of Turkish coffee, which is a ritual that energizes me for the day ahead. Breakfast is often a quick affair, maybe some shakshuka if I have time or just a simple avocado toast. I live alone in a small but cozy apartment, decorated with prints of my favorite photos and some vintage cameras. My girlfriend, Leah, is also an artist, and we often collaborate on projects. She paints, and sometimes we blend our art forms, which is really inspiring. There are days when I’m up before dawn to catch the perfect light or out late at night capturing the city’s vibrant nightlife. But no matter how busy I get, I always make time for a good meal. Tel Aviv has an amazing food scene, and I love exploring the various street food options. Falafel, sabich, and fresh hummus with warm pita are some of my go-to choices when I’m on the move. I try to stay healthy, but I won’t deny indulging in some decadent desserts like baklava every now and then. On weekends, Leah and I love to explore new places, whether it’s a hidden alleyway with great graffiti or a cozy café. We’re both food enthusiasts, so trying out new dishes is always on our agenda. One of my favorite local dishes is malabi, a Middle Eastern milk pudding, often topped with rose water syrup and nuts.”

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