From Kathmandu to the Swiss Alps: A Trekking Guide’s Journey

A smiling man with a beard, wearing a beanie and a backpack, stands in front of a wooden chalet.

“I moved from Kathmandu to the Swiss Alps a few years ago to work as a trekking guide. Trekking has always been my passion. Back home in Nepal, I grew up near the Himalayas, so the mountains have always felt like home. Transitioning to life in Switzerland was challenging at first, especially adjusting to the new culture and language, but now I feel more at ease. My days are pretty irregular; some mornings start at 5 AM when I lead a group up a challenging trail, while others are spent planning routes and making sure all the gear is ready. It’s a mix of physical exertion and mental preparation. I try to keep a healthy diet, sticking to fruits, nuts, and lean meats, but I indulge in Swiss chocolates more often than I should. My girlfriend, Lena, is from Germany and she’s studying environmental science here. We often talk about how we can combine our passions for nature and sustainability. Life isn’t always perfect, though. The job is seasonal, so there are months when work is scarce, and I have to find odd jobs to make ends meet. But the joy of seeing a group reach a summit or spot a rare bird makes it all worthwhile. One of the things I miss most from home is momos, those delicious Nepali dumplings. Luckily, there’s a little restaurant in Zurich that makes them just right, so I go there whenever I need a taste of home. I also love Rösti, a Swiss dish made of grated potatoes, which has become a comfort food for me here. Balancing my traditional roots with my new life in Europe has been a journey in itself, but it’s one I’m grateful for every day. At the end of a long trek, nothing beats sitting by a fire with my fellow guides, sharing stories and enjoying a hearty meal.”

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