Creating Home: A Landscape Architect’s Life in Singapore

A man wearing glasses, a gray t-shirt, and a backpack stands confidently in a city street with trees and shops in the background.

“I’ve been working as a landscape architect in Singapore for about five years now, right, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that nothing goes as planned. Whether it’s unexpected rain or clients changing their minds, you learn to adapt. My days are pretty irregular; sometimes I’m up at dawn to visit sites before the heat sets in, other times I’m up late sketching proposals. I used to strive for that perfect balance, a healthy routine, but life’s messier than that. Like, I’m trying to eat healthier, but with food stalls around every corner selling laksa and chili crab, it’s hard not to indulge now and then. When I do, it feels like a celebration of our local culture, you know? It connects me back to why I love working here—the vibrant colors and diversity, not just in our food but in our landscapes. On the job, it’s about creating spaces that invite people, make them feel at ease, much like how a good meal brings people together. I’m always telling my team, especially when we hit a rough patch, that it’s about the bigger picture. Last week, while discussing project hurdles with a colleague over some kaya toast at this quaint little café, it struck me how each space we design should feel like this—welcoming, familiar. It’s funny, the little things like sharing a meal or a good cup of coffee can shift your perspective, remind you why you keep pushing through the challenges. And speaking of local favorites, nothing beats a good Hainanese chicken rice—it’s simple, it’s comforting, it’s home. That’s sort of what I aim to create in my work; spaces that feel like home to whoever walks into them.”

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