Crafting Stories: A Video Editor’s Life in Bangalore

A man in a white T-shirt and backpack, possibly a video editor, smiles at the camera while standing on a busy street with people, motorcycles, and outdoor umbrellas in the background.

“I’m Rajesh, a 28-year-old video editor living in Bangalore. I’ve been obsessed with movies since I was a kid, and now I get to craft stories through editing. Right now, I’m not facing any major issues, but the freelance life has its ups and downs. Some months are packed with projects, while others are quieter. I work irregular hours, often pulling all-nighters when a deadline looms. It’s demanding, but I love the rush of piecing together footage to create something impactful. Life goals? I’m aiming to direct my own short film someday. I’ve learned a lot from past failures – like the time I tried to edit a wedding video on a tight schedule and ended up losing half the footage due to a corrupt drive. That was a nightmare, but it taught me the importance of backups. My family’s supportive, especially my younger sister, Anika, who’s in college studying design. She’s my sounding board for new ideas, and we often bounce creative concepts off each other. I live alone, which gives me the freedom to work and eat on my own schedule. Breakfast is usually a quick affair, maybe some idli or dosa from the street vendor nearby. Lunch depends on my workload; if I’m swamped, it’s often a simple rice and sambar combo. But when I have time, I like to cook. One of my favorite dishes to make is biryani – with all the layers and spices. Weekends are for exploring new cafes and restaurants in the city. Bangalore’s food scene is vibrant, with everything from traditional South Indian to international cuisines. There’s a little Italian place I discovered recently that makes the best gnocchi I’ve ever had. I used to neglect exercise, but I’ve started running in the mornings to clear my head. It helps me stay focused and energized throughout the day. I’ve also cut down on junk food – though I can’t resist a good masala dosa from time to time. My current project is a documentary on local artisans, which is both challenging and rewarding. It’s amazing to capture their craftsmanship and stories, and it makes all the late nights worth it. I’m excited about future possibilities. The dream is to keep growing, maybe even set up my own editing studio. But for now, I’m taking it one project at a time, enjoying the journey and the creative process. One local dish I absolutely love is Mysore masala dosa. The crispy dosa with the spicy red chutney inside is just perfect. It’s my go-to comfort food, and there’s a small eatery near my place that makes it just right.”

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