A Travel Blogger’s Adventures from Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul

Smiling woman wearing a white top and red scarf stands on a cobblestone street lined with people and shops, capturing the essence of her travel adventures as a blogger.

“I’m Aisha, a 32-year-old travel blogger from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My life is of adventure, hopping from one country to another, capturing the essence of different cultures through my lens and words. I started this journey about five years ago, after quitting my corporate job. It was a leap of faith, but it has been incredibly rewarding. Currently, I’m in Istanbul, a city that’s a blend of the old and new, the traditional and the modern. Every day here is an exploration of vibrant markets, historic sites, and, of course, the delicious food. My days are irregular; sometimes I’m up at dawn to catch the perfect sunrise shot, other times I’m out late, experiencing the nightlife and jotting down notes for my next blog post. Breakfast is often a local affair – here in Istanbul, I love starting my day with simit, a sesame-crusted bread, and a cup of strong Turkish tea. Traveling solo most of the time has a sense of freedom. I get to meet amazing people along the way, fellow travelers, and locals who share their stories and traditions with me. My diet varies with each destination. In Malaysia, I indulge in nasi lemak, but here, I’m all about the mezze platters, with hummus, baba ghanoush, and freshly baked bread. Being a foodie, I make it a point to try everything at least once. Work is always on the go; my laptop and camera are my constant companions. Editing photos, writing posts, and engaging with my followers on social media – it’s a full-time job, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. My boyfriend, Zakir, often joins me on my trips. He’s a photographer too, and we love collaborating on projects. It’s wonderful to have someone who understands the nomadic lifestyle and shares the same passion for travel and food. There are times when deadlines are looming, and I have to skip meals or grab something quick from a street vendor. But I always try to find time to unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures, like a quiet evening by the Bosphorus with some Turkish delight and a cup of coffee. One of my all-time favorite dishes has to be baklava, with its layers of filo pastry, the crunch of pistachios, and the sweetness of honey.”

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